Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Grace to You

When we began the Charis Connection blog (“Charis” means “grace”) two years ago, our intention was to provide an alternative to a number of negative comments streaming from some web sites and blogs. Our team wanted to show the truth behind the publishers, the hearts, and the minds that continue to produce effective and quality Christian fiction. We have always seen this as our primary purpose--and as a ministry, a tool with which we could positively encourage and teach those who are interested in writing in this particular genre. It's our sincere hope that, at least to some extent, that purpose has been fulfilled.

We so appreciate those of you who have been faithfully waiting for us to return from our summer hiatus. Over the summer, however, projects and schedules changed for many of us, making a significant difference in just how much we can continue to do and still remain loyal to our publishers and readers. In addition, we realized that most of the Charis team—those who really enjoy blogging—have been busy at work on their own blogs. New sites have opened, and preexisting ones expanded. Many of these blogs and web sites include a wealth of writing tips, information, and instruction. So what we’d like to encourage you to do is visit our author blogs just as you would have visited the Charis Connection.

Frankly, we thought we’d rather take a permanent (or semi-permanent) hiatus than give you warmed-over posts or reruns. After two years, it's become increasingly difficult to provide fresh ideas and venues. So we're leaving you with an invitation to visit our author blogs and web sites and to make use of the extensive Charis Connection archives—over two years of good materials for you to peruse at your leisure.

If something happens in Christian fiction that is worthy of extended comment, we may return to talk about it in the days ahead. (You might want to sign up for a blog feed that will alert you to new postings, as we are inviting our team to send materials at any time.) But for now, because deadlines--and family responsibilities--are pressing heavily upon many of us and we are hard-pressed to offer new material and not lag behind on our own works-in-progress, we are suspending our regular publishing program until further notice. Should the time and opportunity arise when we can see our way clear to resume regular weekday postings, we’ll post an entry to that effect so you'll be the first to know.

We thank you for visiting Charis Connection so faithfully, and we hope you'll continue to visit our individual contributors' blogs and web sites for ongoing information and developments.


The Charis Connection authors