Wednesday, February 08, 2006

LC: A World of Our Own

Audrey, my soon-to-be five year old granddaughter, has a flare for the dramatic. Grandpa was late getting her to church last Wednesday night for Mission Friends. When I picked her up I asked how things went, she heaved a theatrical sigh, threw her palms upward and said, “We were TEN minutes late. I had to RUN to my room and when I got there I was ALMOST fired!

She’s going to make a good writer.

Every once in a while I come across stuff too good not to share even through they’re not my words. These particular observations come from Ralph Keys in The Writers Book of Hope. Keyes compares publishing-type folks with writers.

Pub People ----Writers

Up early ----Up whenever
Nap seldom ----Nap often
Dress up ----Dress down (if at all)
Work well with others---- Work best alone
Office politics ----No one to politic
Lunch a lot ----Lunch a little
Behind the scenes ---- On stage
Seldom-driven ----Vague sense of time
Could get fired (watch out Audrey) ----Already unemployed
Paycheck, benefits ----Irregular income, no benefits
Can read a P&L sheet ----What’s a P&L?

Happy writing!

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At 8:36 AM, Blogger Angela said...

Now I know why I crave a sleeping bag in my office! :-)

Thanks, Lori!


At 12:18 PM, Blogger Patty said...

I kept trying to make P&L a type of sandwich.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger C.J. Darlington said...

Pastromi and lettuce?


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