Friday, November 04, 2005

BC: My Kingdom for a Plot—Part 3

The word was: WORTHY.


Often what God tells me to pray for someone makes no sense to me. Like the time I was praying for someone’s healing after double knee surgery, and God impressed upon me to place my hands on the person’s throat and pray for that. Only later did I hear that this person was having health issues with the throat as well.

God knows.

So I didn’t doubt that worthy was coming from God. I just didn’t have a clue what it meant. I told the young woman what I’d heard. “Does this mean anything to you?” I asked.

This is the moment that absolutely clenched my heart. This sweet-faced Christian gal looked up at me with an anguished expression and whispered, “I’ve never felt worthy since the day I was born.”

Whoa. How awful that must feel. What a weight! My eyes filled with tears. God wanted to take away this terrible burden. And so prayers went up that God would heal.

As I continued working through my wacko spider plot, that scene would not leave me alone. I began to think of other people I’d prayed for with emotional/spiritual issues, and God opened my eyes to just how huge this problem is among Christians. It’s rampant. Satan spins his web of lies among us all the time. He wants us to believe these lies. And he spins them so quietly, so subconsciously, that we Christians don’t realize where they’re coming from. Lies such as: I’m not worthy, I’m not really forgiven, I’m unlovable, I can’t do this task God gave me, I’m no good at this or that, I’m not smart enough, I’m not appreciated enough . . . Whatever. The topics are endless.

We as Christians have the mind-boggling authority to go before God’s throne and claim His help and power in our lives for anything. As the Bible says, “If He is for us, who can stand against us?” But so much of the time, we Christians don’t do that. Instead, we begin to listen to these lies. Then we begin to believe them. Then we begin to walk in them. And then we can’t do all that God has called us to do.

These thought processes and revelations were going through my mind as I needed to start writing Web of Lies. I realized that this was the spiritual thread God wanted me to weave in. We Christians cannot walk in the lies of Satan. That’s unacceptable! God had used that time of prayer at the conference not only for the young woman, but for my writing as well. (God’s very efficient that way.)

I began writing in November. I had three months. The writing would not come easily. From first page to last, I struggled with that book. But as I struggled, I rested in the knowledge of what God had already done—totally backwards, no less. First, the title that I just had to come up with. Then the plot begin to come—the story to fit the title. Then the spiritual thread—again to fit the title. A book about spiders . . . and not listening to Satan’s web of lies.

Hm. That is one crazy combination. Only God, with His sense of humor, would impress upon me to write a story about walking in His truth—via a menagerie of arachnids.

Well, hey. The last book used a serial killer to tell folks about the power of prayer. So why not?

And so my suspense plotting goes. Kinda nutty? Yeah. Challenging? You bet. I could not do it on my own. But book after book, God shows me His way and pulls me through.

As King Arthur said when crossing the bar in Morte d’Arthur: “And that which I have done, may God within Himself make pure.”

~ Brandilyn Collins, author of Dead of Night and other “Seatbelt Suspense”


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Cara Putman said...

Thanks for reminding me how much God wants to be part of the process and to be still and wait for him -- while pounding on the doors of heaven for the answer. He is so good! and I can't wait to read the book when it f i n a l l y is released.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Bonnie Calhoun said...

Thanks for letting us pick your brains. God is always in control and that's a good thing to remember! Phil 4:13

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Gina Holmes said...

Our God never ceases to amaze me! He is so awesome. So loving. So good and yes, even so efficient, as you pointed out. You're a special lady, BC...and worthy.


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