Monday, February 12, 2007

HA: The Spirit in Us

In the Bible, when Jesus cast an unclean spirit out of one particular boy, that child was thrown into convulsions and into the fire. That spirit did not want to leave.

Likewise, when God identifies and illuminates a sin in someone today, sometimes that sin throws that person into emotional convulsions because it doesn’t want to leave. But God continues to work with his beloved to prune and cleanse, in spite of the suffering, because He knows how much healing will take place after the old, dead life is removed.

Sometimes this cleansing is gentle, a brightness in our lives, a soothing balm, a sudden discovery after years of wandering. But other times the cleansing feels as if it may kill us before it leaves, if not with damaged health, then with damaged relationships, a hurt heart, or a split church or financial loss. We so often wonder why.

When my heart and life become a battleground because still yet another sin has been shown to me, it is at these times I am drawn closer to God, to His promises, His healing strength. No matter how long it takes, or how painful the cleansing, when I turn to God through His Word, I am reminded of the bright future awaiting me. It is this hope that keeps me going.

Hannah Alexander ,


At 9:07 AM, Blogger James Scott Bell said...

A great thought to start the week. Thanks!


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