Friday, December 01, 2006

Ask the Authors: Friday

In this season of giving thanks, what are you especially grateful for this year?

God's grace. I have experienced it so much this past year. And the love of my family, from the oldest (my mom at almost 93) to the youngest (my grandson who just turned one). -Robin Lee Hatcher

I'm especially thankful for Will and the kids this year. Having moved away from my home state last year, I'm so grateful for the fact that God continually draws us closer together. -lisa samson

My family. I have been blessed with the most wonderful, supportive family imaginable, beginning with my husband of 32 years, our four kids (plus a son-in-law) who make us so proud, and a precious grandbaby who will soon celebrate his first birthday. Also, my wonderful parents and mother-in-law, and a large extended family are true blessings. -Deborah Raney

Jesus, the cross, the empty tomb, the Holy Spirit’s imminence, being led not into temptation, being delivered from evil, and the love of my wife. -Athol Dickson

My current book will be almost done!!! -Brandilyn Collins

A heart of gratitude. God has shown me this year how to be thankful no matter what my circumstances. A heart of gratitude is contagious and it really does spread the joy. -Rene Gutteridge

My husband and two teenage children are the greatest blessing in my life. They put up with so much, having a writer in the house: a cook who throws together hurried meals, a distracted wife lost in 1789, an absent mother who is tied to her desk too many hours a day. Bill, Matt, and Lilly, this year and every year, I am so very thankful for your support and encouragement! -Liz Curtis Higgs

The same gifts I'm thankful for every year: my God, my family and friends, my animals, my country, my work. -BJ Hoff

My family. My wife is amazing, and my kids are turning into actual people before my very eyes. -James Scott Bell

My family, my dogs, and the fact that I’m able to do work I love. –Angela Hunt

As our world becomes more and more a place of confusion, I’m grateful that God is the place of certainty. When I look at what’s happening in our culture, in our country, and in the world at large, I can’t help but to be afraid. When I turn my gaze back to the Lord, though, I realize that the unfolding of this one huge all-encompassing story remains under his sovereign control. And I’m thankful that I already know the ending to this one. -Ann Tatlock

God's grace. Health, family, readers. When you consider all the titles available in any given month, the knowledge that fans consistently purchase your work is a tremendous blessing. -Lori Copeland

My husband's cancer and TB are both in remission; our adult kids have more than three years of sobriety and a brother and sister are talking to each other after years of silence; our grandaughter is in college, doing well and loving it. And I get to write the stories I love! -Jane Kirkpatrick


At 1:24 AM, Blogger Richard L. Mabry, MD said...

The things for which you're thankful tell us so eloquently that you all are truly caring people who love the Lord, your family, and your fellow man. Thanks for sharing.


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